Numatic Henry,Hetty Replacement Vacuum Hose Complete 2.5M

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  • Numatic Hose Complete 2.5m long to take 32mm tools.
  • Fits Henry popular models such as Henry,Hetty,Harry,James,Numatic,Edward
  • Model numbers NRV200,HVR200,HVR200A, NQS250B,NQS250,NVQ200,NVQ370,NVQ380,HET200A,
  • CRQ370,HHR200A,NSP 200A,NSP 180A,NSR 200A,PSP180A,PSP 200A,PSP 370A,PVR 370A,PVR 200A
  • PVT 390A,PVT 220A,Henry Xtra HVX200A,NST 220A,AVQ250,MFQ370,WV370,WV380,WV470


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None genuine quality vacuum hose compares to OEM 601101

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