2 ” Fridge Defrost Drain Hole Cleaning Tool 50214722006

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  • Quality and handy little tool to fit in most fridges drain hole.
  •  washable to keep clean
  • Easy to use


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Treat yourself to a fridge defrost drain hole cleaning tool manufactured in robust plastic so not to damage the inside of the fridge. When your fridge is working you may notice ice building up on the back wall of the fridge. Once the fridge stops running this quickly turns into condensation and then runs down into a drain hole which runs out through a pipe onto a special container on the top of your fridge motor. The warmth from the motor then evaporates the water. Sometimes the hole inside your fridge gets blocked stopping this cycle. This is where this tool comes in handy firstly stopping it getting blocked by regular checks with the tool.Maybe by  unblocking this hole should it be blocked.This is an  inexpensive way to make sure your appliance is working at its best.This can be used on most makes of fridges examples are Beko,Electrolux Etc so why not keep one in the fridge ready.The tool has is own finger hole to to grip with and a diamond shape end that pulls out the collected debris from the refrigerator drain hole.

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