E-cloth Washing Up Pad

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  • Dual-sided.
  • Non scratch for crockery & pans.
  • Machine washable.
  • Removes 99% of bacteria.
  • Washing up made easy.


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  E-cloth Washing Up Pad

E-cloth washing up pad to make light work of washing up that baked on food deposts. The E-Cloth washing up pad has dual sided fibres for streak free cleaning. A non scratch pad that will clean off  hard baked on food while doing no damage to your pots and pans and plates. The smooth side of the E-cloth washing up pad easily cuts through grease and grime,using just water. A scrubbing side which makes light work of stuck-on food residues and stains. Help our enviroment by not using washing up liquid or chemicals.So  E-cloth washing up pad makes the dreaded washing up becomes no longer a chore.

Because the pad is robust it makes it machine washable so can be used again. Also E-cloth pads are tough on dirt and kind to expensive non-stick finishes. The special e-cloth fibre yellow side is ideal for washing up crockery, cutlery and glassware. The grey mesh side is the non-scratch scrubbing side which is great for non-stick pans. E-cloth cleaning range has a comprehensive range of cleaning products as a result you can use them inside and outside the home. Most importantly this range allows you to pick the right product for a percific job. E-cloth gives you a superb cleaning experience time and time again .

Every home should have one of these E-cloth washing up pads, treat yorself today who knows you maybe suprised how much time it will save. Finally remembering all you need to add is a little magic water and away you go. Even more if you like the results please spread the word and get your friends to visit the CIC shop

Product information for your new E-cloth washing up pad 

Brand Make. E cloth 

Dimensions. Pad measures approximately  16cm x 10cm

Material. 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide


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