Nifty Wifty Cherry Fragrance Car Air freshener Disc pk 5

  • 5 x Cherry smelling Air freshener Iconic Nifty Wifty Disc’s
  • Easy to Hang and position
  • Also Available in Bulk packs of 3
  • Nifty Wifty making the world a fun place to live.


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Hi Im a Nifty Wifty, a Cherry Fragrance Car Air freshener and I bring a fresh smile to any vehicle. Just hang me inside your car,van or lorry and enjoy my lasting fragrance.

I am an Iconic Fragrance Car Air freshener freshener that can  stand up to many challenges. So i may look small but my cheeky wink tells you not to worry as i have everything under control.

Because i am Nifty i have dealt with many a wheelie bin, pedal bin  and vacuum cleaner. They do not stop smiling while keeping most of the day to day smells at bay. Remember i am Nifty, so i am

quick to fit and can soon make my presence known.

Fitting and what to expect from Nifty Wifty  Fragrance Car Air freshener

All you need to do is, hold me by my edge-remove all my packaging.  Loop me over the vehicles mirror by my elasticated cord and smell, i know you cant help but fall in  love me xxx.

Please be careful with me though, too much heat exposure can diminish my super hero fragrance and give me sun stroke. So come on, you know you want to try me out and

become part of the up and coming Nifty Wifty Gang. A really Nifty Wifty  idea you might want to try out is, on those long trips out, play a game with the kids or passengers it does not matter

how old  you are, see how many of  NIFTY WIFTY you see during  your journey. Help me to  help make the world a fun place to live, so if you see me toot that horn, wink that eye, wave that

hand, even throw that kiss. You never know in doing so you might help brighten up someones day or even better  you may make new friends as well. Any way must go i  have a lot of traveling to

do in the next few weeks. I don’t know where i am going,or where i am going to be, so keep an yours eye wide open, and look for Nifty me !

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